Smart Solutions: more than a pole, a promise

A light pole can be the answer to many unique smart-city needs.

From environmental sensors to broadband Wi-Fi to EV charging and beyond, cities are increasingly turning to the latest technology to better serve, manage and protect their residents. At Valmont® we have decades of experience custom designing and manufacturing not just poles, but solutions. That’s practical know-how to help guide you through the process and make these possibilities a reality. Need technology that will serve your community well into the future? We can do that.
Smart pole units projected to grow
over the next 10 years
Smart sensors usage to grow
in the next 5 years
Environmental sensors to increase
by the year 2025
Global smart city market size
by the year 2025
Just Think of All the Smart Uses
Smart technology benefits cities in many ways. Air quality, public safety, traffic control and parking management to name just a few. Universities can improve safety, connectivity and emergency response. Commercial applications include advertising, EV charging, pedestrian control and music. Even bridges can benefit from AI preventative maintenance and overweight and icing sensors. Click on the circles for more uses and to learn more. Click again to go back.
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Partnering with Valmont. Now, that’s Smart.
When you work with us, we bring global experience with not only manufacturing poles but also partnering with community leaders and the various other players needed to build the smart cities of tomorrow. You can expect us to: 
  1. Design solutions to meet your unique challenges
  2. Develop proactive solutions
  3. Leverage data to inform decisions and allocate resources
  4. Apply technology that enhances the user experience and accessibility
  5. Pair technology with infrastructure to improve public services
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Smart Technology Improves Public Outcomes
Solutions to better illuminate, connect and protect.
Stay connected, at home and on the go.
Work smarter, with efficiency at every turn.
Unparalleled safety, where it matters most.
It Takes a Village to Improve a Village
Our experience aside, it takes many specialists and partners to develop a complete digital gateway. That’s why we partner with the best in the business, from sensor manufacturers to telecommunication firms to data analytic companies.
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Building a Digital Backbone
As much as smart cities might seem like something from the future, this technology is being installed today all around the world. For example, we partnered with technology companies, research groups, manufacturers, regulators and operators to build an extensive network of sensors to run autonomous busses and more on the Nokia campus in Espoo, Finland.
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The World is Getting Smart
As you might imagine, the advent of smart city infrastructure is a world-wide phenomenon. We’ve supported projects in multiple regions, using our global experience in manufacturing, sourcing, materials, coatings, structural design and engineering. All backed up by local support.

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Stephen G. Kaniewski
President and Chief Executive Officer, Valmont
“At Valmont, we have been living our tagline, Conserving Resources. Improving Life® for 75 years. It’s at the very core of the products and services we provide, supporting the development of resilient infrastructure and increasing the sustainability of water for agriculture. We are committed to providing products, services and solutions that enhance the lives of our customers, employees and communities and we take our stewardship role seriously.”