Building a digital backbone to improve city living

Espoo, Inland
City planners around the world are under increasing pressure to build safer, cleaner, more efficient, and environmentally friendly infrastructure. As it turns out, Espoo, Finland had the perfect opportunity to test what’s possible.
“This is a globally unique, smart city pilot where a high-speed and low latency 5G network, an extensive sensor network, and a data platform bring novel services to the city, its people and community.” Pekka Wainio, Project Manager, Nokia Bell Labs
LuxTurrim5G, as the project became known, is the result of a wide-ranging, intensive, joint development between the city, technology companies, research groups, manufacturers, regulators and operators. But the spine of the whole system? Valmont custom structures that turn light poles into 5G small cell base stations equipped with a variety of sensors. Valmont was tasked with leading the whole design and manufacturing process on a tight schedule. The ecosystem is comprised of 250 interconnected devices to pilot city services. In addition to smart LED-based lighting, the list of connected devices includes a set of multi-purpose video cameras, alarm panels, sound sensors, communication and PA system for improved public safety; display screens, 3D sensing and tracking devices such as laser scanners and radars for improved traffic management; and environmental sensors to help monitor weather and air quality. Special integrated devices include an electric vehicle charger, power back-up battery, drone landing station and support for autonomous buses. All custom-fitted into the poles. This research project is helping Espoo to meet their sustainable goals and offering a roadmap for future development all over the world. Safer, cleaner public spaces, more convenient transportation, and better resource management is only the beginning. With more than 75% of current global energy consumption and carbon emissions originating from cities, the Smart City of the future is becoming a reality today.
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